Edie Fake is at large in Chicago after finishing the unbelievable FINGERS gay performance tour. He has recently recieved one of the first annual Printed Matter "Awards For Artists" book grants and a collected "Gaylord Phoenix" book will be arriving late in the year from Secret Acres. Also, please check out his comic "Call The Corners" online at the Gay Utopia Symposium and some samples of his tattoo work. Very exciting stuff.

For info about trading, design and illustration work please contact him at ediefake@gmail.com

Most of these images are from my zines, available from me and at these stores:
USS Catastrophe (Online)
Quimby's (Chicago and Online)
Chicago Comics (Chicago)
Printed Matter (New York and Online)
St.Marks Bookshop (New York)
Jim Hanley's Universe (New York)
Cinders Gallery (Brooklyn)
Rocketship Comics (Brooklyn)
Ooga Booga Store (L.A.)
Branch Gallery (Chapel Hill)
Internationalist Books (Chapel Hill)
Domy Bookstore (Houston)
Super Seven Store(San Fransisco)
Otsu (San Fransisco)
Last Word Books (Olympia)
Danger Room Comics (Olympia)
Skylight Books (L.A.)
-NEW AT- Needles and Pens (San Francisco)
-NEW AT- Art Metropole (Toronto)
-SOON AT- Hi De Ho Comics (Santa Monica)